Zagray Farm is Back on the Web


Zagray Farm web site is back in full operation

After a catastrophic lightning strike at the webmaster’s house, loosing even the back up drives, we’ve reconstructed the entire site from the ground up.
For a while the webmaster was doing manual HTML edits to the site stored on the server, real pain in the you know where!

A lot of hours where spent on the original site, and recovering licenses for the site building tools took some time, along with what ever data could be recovered.
Got all the ‘tools’ back along with articles and other data, but the site structure was gone.
More hours to rebuild, but it was worth the effort for the museum.

Past newsletters and new member articles are now posted in there respective areas.
Photo gallery is next as there are a lot of CD/DVD’s with photos to be loaded, and the web master has some new tools to try out.
Check the site News for more updates

Contact the webmaster if you have anything you submitted and is missing, broken links, spelling or any other issues, and he’ll get them corrected.

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Current and back issues of the 'Zagray Quarterly' newsletter from March 2009 to the present are available in the Newsletter page

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